Applications and payments

Applications must always be submitted to the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY centre) responsible for the area where the investment or study is carried out. If the project is carried out in several areas, the application should be filed with the ELY centre responsible for the area in which the applicant is domiciled.

Aid and the payment of the aid must be applied for using the forms approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (MEAE). The forms also include instructions on filling in the application and on the required attachments.

The aid application must be submitted before launching the project.

The MEAE makes decisions on granting support for investment projects with eligible costs exceeding EUR 5,000,000 and for study projects with eligible costs exceeding EUR 250,000.

The MEAE also makes support decisions concerning investment projects that involve the introduction of new technology and study projects that concern the development of a new service or method. In other cases, the decision on grating support is made by an ELY centre.

Support payments are made by the authority that has made the support decision. Payments are made in accordance with the support decision, based on progress in the project and the accounts presented by the customer. The final settlement should be applied for within three months of completing the project.