Finnvera is an investor in early-stage companies

Finnvera plc invests directly in small and innovative Finnish technology-focused companies. They are generally in the early stages of their lifespan or in the process of being founded. Finnvera makes its direct investments via its subsidiary, Seed Fund Vera Ltd.

It aims, in its activities, to promote the availability of private capital in the early stages of companies. Seed Fund Vera Ltd. makes joint investments in target companies with private angel investors and capital funds. Finnvera will cease to invest new venture capital by the end of 2017, after a transition period. The promotion activities for risk financing of early-stage companies will be taken over by Tekes Venture Capital Ltd, having started operations in 2014.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is responsible for Finnvera plc’s economic and corporate governance policies and also sets goals for capital investment activities.

Further information: Jyrki Orpana