Boosting growth through foreign investments

One of the tasks of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is to promote foreign investment. Finland can only attract foreign investments

  • if it can offer a business-friendly operating environment,
  • if the efforts are supported by active sales and marketing,
  • if it has a business-friendly country image and
  • if there is close cooperation between national and regional actors.

In 2012, the Government approved the Team Finland strategy to attract foreign investments in Finland. The main aim of the investment strategy is for Finland to exceed the average EU level in direct foreign investment in terms of proportion of GDP by 2020. The basis of the strategy is that Finland needs to attract greater foreign investment and capital in order to ensure a more balanced trend in investment and to strengthen the country’s competence base and create new jobs.

In 2016 foreign investments in Finland accounted for 34.5 per cent of GDP. The average for the European Union was 46.7 per cent. The figures are based on statistics from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

Invest in Finland

The task of the international investment promotion organisation Invest in Finland (IIF) is to attract foreign investments, venture capital and companies to Finland. An additional goal of IIF is to strengthen centres of expertise and to boost employment and the internationalisation of companies. IIF is part of Finpro.

Further information: Henri Backman

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