Growth zones

The growth zones are not limited by administrative boundaries as they form operational areas. The aim in the development of growth zones is to expand business activities, improve labour mobility and attract international investments.

The development work is centred on making the zones into operational entities across administrative boundaries and on improving labour mobility with the help of existing transport systems.

Strategic development of the zones is aimed at ensuring that there is better consideration of regional development and planning and industrial, employment and transport policies. The aim is also to improve international links and to have closer cooperation across Finnish borders.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has started an application process for the growth zones as part of the key project “Regional Innovations and Experimentations”. In the growth zone competition, one or two of the best proposals will be selected and the state will conclude strategic agreements for developing the zones with the cities submitting the winning entries.

The growth zone competition will take place simultaneously with the growth agreement process. The applications will be assessed in early 2016 and the agreements will be signed during the spring.

Further information: lari.anttonen(at)