Regional development is cooperation

Regional development is carried out in broad-based cooperation by different authorities and other actors in both central government and the regions.  In the distribution of responsibilities between the ministries, regional development has been assigned to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. The targets, responsibilities of the authorities and programmes of regional development have been determined in the Act on Regional Development and the Administration of Structural Funds (7/2014).

The Government confirms the national regional development priorities for the government term. This decision on regional development targets steers the development work carried out by different administrative sectors and Regional Councils. The ministries that play a key role in regional development determine the regional development targets and their key measures for their administrative sector as a part of this decision on regional development targets. Regional strategic programmes, in turn, outline the development work in the region.  Regional Councils serve as regional development authorities in the regions.

ELY Centres contribute to regional development by carrying out central government’s implementation and development tasks in the regions.

Regions and the different authorities must take into consideration the decision on regional development targets in their operation so that the implementation of nationally significant targets can be ensured in all operations related to regional development.

Regional development system


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