Projects eligible for aid

Investment projects that promote energy saving and more efficient use of energy include

  • projects that concern conventional technology and are related to the energy efficiency agreement scheme
  • projects that concern new technology, meaning technical or other solutions that have previously not been commercially applied in Finland
  • ESCO projects.

For example, the following kinds of investments in the use of renewable energy are eligible for support:

  • small heating plants
  • small electricity production projects
  • biofuel production projects
  • demonstration projects concerning new technology.

Aid can also be granted to the following types of studies concerning energy saving, more efficient energy use and the use of renewable energy:

  • energy audits
  • energy analyses.

Projects eligible for aid do not include conventional studies and examinations concerning the establishment, expansion, profitability, development, planning, marketing or background of business activities. As a rule, energy support is not granted to projects covered by the Emissions Trading Act (311/2011).