Effective use of space technology

Space activities have relevance in a wide range of different sectors in Finnish society.

Space technology is used in

  • weather forecasting
  • vehicle positioning
  • television broadcasts
  • securing activities essential to the functioning of society (such as maritime safety and prevention of forest fires)
  • environmental protection (such as limiting the impacts of mining)
  • rescue services and
  • transport and logistics management.

Space as a concept is closely linked with cutting-edge technology and practical applications which boost the competitiveness of services by providing, for example, open-source location data. Earth observation, satellite communications and global positioning applications have global business potential.

The four main areas of Finnish space activities are:

  • scientific research of space and earth
  • earth observation
  • global positioning and
  • space industry.

The strategy outlines the priorities of Finnish space activities

In the future, Arctic solutions and the use of open-source data material will be the main application areas for Finnish space activities. The aim is that Finland will be among the top players in the areas laid out in the strategy by the year 2020.

The Finnish space strategy 2013-2020 sets out the vision, objectives and development strategy for Finland’s space activities. The emphasis in the objectives is on applications that are important to society.

The spearhead projects laid out in the strategy focus on the following areas:

  • space applications will respond to the growing demands in the Arctic area
  • competitiveness of services will be boosted through open source geographic information
  • the level of scientific research will be enhanced with the help of the programmes of the European Space Agency and the European Union and
  • the space industry will respond to tougher competition by specialisation and introducing new applications.

The Finnish Space Committee brings together national actors

Space-related issues are horizontal by nature and they cross administrative boundaries. The Finnish Space Committee, which comes under the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, is an advisory body bringing together representatives of different administrative branches.

The committee was also responsible for preparing the national space strategy 2013-2020 and it systematically monitors its implementation. Tekes - the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation coordinates Finnish participation in the research and science programmes of the European Space Agency (ESA).

Further information: Marjaana Aarnikka