About the 2020 Roadmaps

The Government will work to ensure that Finland is carbon neutral by 2035 and carbon negative soon after that. In accordance with the Government Programme, sectoral low-carbon roadmaps will be drawn up in cooperation with companies and organisations in each sector. These will be coordinated with new climate actions.

The roadmaps are to be included in the international growth programme currently in preparation. According to the Government Programme, achievement of climate objectives also requires sector-specific assessment and cooperation with social partners.

Central government objectives

The roadmaps provide government with estimates of anticipated sectoral development. These may include greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, as well as the investment needs of various sectors. Purposes for which the estimates are to be used include:

  • Climate and energy policy scenarios: The climate and energy strategy and the medium-term climate plan will be updated to meet Finland’s 2035 carbon neutrality target. This work will be based on common scenarios that include estimates of the energy balances of different sectors and the development of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Policy measures to reduce emissions: Achievement of the 2035 carbon neutrality target requires new policy measures. Roadmaps help to create a favourable policy environment.
  • Allocation of research and development funding: The roadmaps will help the public sector to identify the R&D funding needed in the next few years to support a low-carbon economy.
  • Avoiding overlaps: If assessments of sectoral development are prepared separately, this could result in the same resources being allocated to several different purposes. Careful coordination of the roadmap work can help to see the bigger picture and to avoid overlaps.
  • Promoting international growth: Roadmaps present estimates of the export potential of Finnish technology solutions. These will bolster the central government’s efforts to drive Finnish companies’ international growth.

The preparation of roadmaps will also increase the sector’s awareness of the need for emission reductions and of the opportunities involved. Having the roadmaps prepared by the sectors helps to ensure that the sector’s companies consider them relevant and easy to commit to.