Agenda for Sustainable Growth

Sustainable growth is a requirement for wellbeing in Finland, and one for which the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment creates opportunities.

The Agenda for Sustainable Growth represents Finland’s growth policy over a long horizon extending beyond individual government terms. Public officials carrying out preparatory work will be able to draw upon this agenda to raise proposals relevant to current political decision-making, with the agenda helping to ensure coherence in policy.

The objective is to extensively share and develop a common understanding of the significance and mechanisms of economic growth and the administrative and policy tools available to influence it. 

Spearheads of the Agenda for Sustainable Growth

  1. We will turn the transformation of work into an opportunity.
    That is why employment and industrial policies must be better integrated.
  2. We want to succeed in global competition.
    That is why we will reform our innovation policy.
  3. We urge cities and regions to pursue growth together.
    That is why we will reform our regional development and urban policies.
  4. We will tap the potential of the energy transition.
    That is why we will help the Finnish energy sector utilise its strengths commercially.
  5. We will influence the EU’s future. 
    That is why the Finnish EU Presidency will highlight trade policy, a more efficient internal market, sustainable development, the circular economy and digitalisation.

Agenda for Sustainable Growth