Anticipated structural change

Anticipated structural change measures accelerate structural changes in regions, launch swift new pilot procedures and strengthen the ability to adapt to changes in business structure (resilience). Renewal of business operations, growth, internationalisation and pilot projects promoting employment and entrepreneurship play a central role in this process.

The funding allocated for the launch of regional innovations and pilots (AIKO) supports region-centred anticipated structural change measures. The funding will support the swift launch of important development initiatives and the implementation of extensive development processes.

Regional Councils makes decisions on AIKO funding for anticipated structural change projects on the basis of the implementation plan for regional strategic programmes. The plan for anticipated structural change i.e. the anticipatory plan is part of the implementation plan. AIKO funding is intended as a quick way for regions to launch initiatives for the area's renewal. However, use of this funding must be planned carefully and be based on the development of regions into national focus points, the regional strategic programme and the strategy of smart specialisation.

In 2016, a total of 9 million euros was distributed as AIKO funding. Region-specific funding contributions listed in the attached appendix.

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