Space Committee appointed for the term 1 April 2016-31 March 2019

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment 17.3.2016 13.15
Press release
The Government appointed the new Finnish Space Committee for the term 1 April 2016-31 March 2019 on 17 March 2016. The three-year term of the present committee ends at the end of March.

Petri Peltonen, Permanent State Under-Secretary at the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, continues as the Chairman of the Committee. Päivi Antikainen, Director at the Ministry of Transport and Communications, was appointed as the Vice-Chairman.

The members of the Committee are Deputy Director-General Timo Kantola from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Director of International Affairs Tiina Peltola-Lampi from the Ministry of the Interior, Director-General Raimo Jyväsjärvi from the Ministry of Defence, Counsellor of Education Petteri Kauppinen from the Ministry of Education and Culture, Senior Officer Petri Liljaniemi from the Ministry of the Environment, Research Director Yrjö Viisanen from the Finnish Meteorological Institute, Research Director Tiina Sarjakoski from the National Land Survey of Finland, Director Susan Linko from the Academy of Finland, Director Ilona Lundström from the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation Tekes, and General Manager of RUAG Space Finland Harri Lähti as the representative of the Association of Finnish Defence and Aerospace Industries.

The Committee appoints a secretary and possible permanent experts at its first meeting. It is a key actor in the Finnish space administration. It was also responsible for preparing the national strategy for Finland's space activities 2013-2020 and continues to monitor its implementation.

The Committee conducts surveys and gives proposals concerning the national objectives for space activities. It also gives statements for the development of research and education and industrial and business activities relating to the space, utilisation of information collected on space activities, and cooperation among the Finnish actors in the field. The Committee participates in the preparation of the European Space Agency ESA Ministerial Council meetings and national opinions on space-related issues within the EU.

Space activities are horizontal by nature and they cross the borders of administrative branches. The Committee, which operates under the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, brings together the perspectives of several fields of administration. Each ministry is still responsible for the development and utilisation of space activities within their respective administrative branches.

More information on Finnish space activities is available at: and

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