eCommerce Growth programme to boost international online trade of SMEs

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment 13.4.2016 9.55
Press release
The Ministry of Employment and the Economy has granted EUR 754 000 to Finpro for implementing the eCommerce Growth programme in 2016. The programme is envisaged to continue until the end of 2018. The aim is to increase the share of exports in the turnover of online trade and improve the ecosystem for e-commerce.

It targets growth-oriented SMEs which are already selling their products abroad online, as well as e-commerce technology suppliers seeking international growth. The aim is to get at least 60 enterprises involved in the programme.

- Global e-commerce is growing fast. We want to enhance the competitiveness of Finnish companies engaged in e-commerce and boost their international growth. The eCommerce Growth programme is also focused on reaching the foreign customers more efficiently and developing a better ecosystem for online trade, says Minister of Economic Affairs Olli Rehn.

A prestudy on the situation of e-commerce, financed by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, was conducted in May-October 2015.  Based on the study, Finnish companies have the potential and will needed for international growth. The best opportunities to succeed are in special products and specialised niche markets.

What the enterprises expect from the programme are measures to improve the knowledge and skills they need for internationalisation, their understanding of the market, utilisation of digital solutions and peer learning.

These are also the focus of the first stage of the programme. A forum for peer learning will be constructed, based on a survey of the needs of the enterprises which had been interviewed or pre-registered to the programme

The programme also responds to the challenges related to internationalisation which came out in the prestudy, including better trading skills, finding customer segments based on one's own competitive advantages in the target countries, and creating a comprehensive, competitive and customer-oriented concept.

At Finpro the eCommerce Growth programme is the responsibility of Programme Director Kari Pokkinen.


Jannika Ranta, Special Adviser to the Minister of Economic Affairs, tel. +358 295 04 7165

Taina Susiluoto, Director-General, Ministry of Employment and the Economy, tel. +358 295 06 0400

Natalia Härkin, Senior Officer, Ministry of Employment and the Economy, tel. +358 295 04 9016

Kari Pokkinen, Programme Director, eCommerce Growth programme, Finpro, tel. +358 40 343 3303