Maria Kaisa Aula to prepare a report on employment experiments

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment 20.1.2016 15.25
Press release
Maria Kaisa Aula, L.Soc.Sc., will start to examine ways to reduce unemployment. She will review different actors' views of how employers could hire unemployed people and how unemployed people could find work or set up a business more easily.

Minister of Justice and Employment Jari Lindström appointed Aula to prepare the report on 20 January 2016. Aula will examine especially the views of labour market organizations, en-trepreneurs, civil society organizations, municipalities and local actors and, based on them, make a proposal on experiments that could be launched. The report should be ready by 22 March 2016.

- This report is related to the current Government's culture of experimentation and it is very much needed, because we need new means to employ people and to find employment.  The report also reacts to the transformation of work in society. I'm very excited about this project, Minister Lindström says.  

The review should pay attention to young people, immigrants, persons with partial work capacity, people in long-term unemployment, and aged people, whose labour market status is poor.

Aula will collaborate with the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, and the Ministry of Education and Culture and take into account the Governments' key projects that are related to the matter.

Maria Kaisa Aula, Rapporteur, tel. +358 50 530 9697
Sakari Puisto, Special Adviser to the Minister of Justice and Labour, tel. +358 29 504 8150
Päivi Kerminen, Government Counsellor, Ministry of Employment and the Economy, tel. +358 29 504 9011
Tuija Oivo, Director General, Ministry of Employment and the Economy, tel. +358 50 396 0168