Minister Tiilikainen: XI КAZENERGY Eurasian Forum "Securing the Future of Energy”

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment 11.9.2017 9.33

Mr. Kimmo Tiilikainen, Minister for the Environment, Energy and Housing of Finland, 7.9.2017

Honourable Ministers, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a great honour and pleasure to be here with you and discuss our common energy future and transition.

First, I would like to thank our hosts for organizing the excellent ASTANA Expo and this 11th Eurasian Energy Forum. We really need events, where Governments and stakeholders can exchange views and engage in practical projects and cooperation in the energy field. It is now really time for concrete action!

One of the most important reasons for action is climate change. The US announcement to withdraw from the Paris Agreement is regrettable. But it has clearly strengthened the determination of others to stay in. A recent political signal of this commitment came this summer from Hamburg, where 19 of the world’s biggest economies said it loud and clear: the Paris Agreement is irreversible.

And it’s not only governments but other actors too, like private sector, cities and states - also in the US - who have reconfirmed their commitment to climate action. All countries must now engage in even closer cooperation in implementing the Paris Agreement and making sure that the Paris rulebook will be finalized in time.

The EU aims to strengthen its role in climate policy. The EU continues to lead by example and is putting our 2030 climate legislation in place. The EU cannot lead alone. The major economies are crucial partners and we must reach out to all regions and groups. This means intense climate diplomacy in Eurasia, Asia, Europe and all around the world.

Political decisions are crucial, but what we do need is climate action on the ground.  Energy administrations and energy industries are at the frontier in the energy transition to a low carbon world.

Implementing climate action around the world and introducing carbon pricing increase demand for clean and low carbon solutions, including renewable energy. At the same time we can improve our energy security, efficiency and sustainability of our energy systems and achieve our common Sustainable Development Goals. This also means better competitiveness for our companies. It is indeed a positive agenda for our economies.

Finland’s success is based on strong public-private partnerships, world-class technical expertise and innovations. We are very pleased to promote and implement Clean Energy Solutions together with other partners. And we really need cooperation and help from our partners in Finland, too. Our government launched in 2015 a roadmap and targets towards cleaner and carbon free future. We are committed to achieving several ambitious targets and goals already by 2030.

Our goal is to stop the use of coal in energy production by 2030. And we are going to cut by half the use of fossil oil by 2030. We are replacing the coal and oil mainly with indigenous sources such as bioenergy, recycled fuels, advanced biofuels in traffic, peat and of course energy efficiency.

We will raise our share of renewable energy in total energy consumption above 50 % by 2030. We are very well on track. The share of renewables is 40 % at the moment.

When implementing the actions needed, at the same time, we improve our competiveness and skills to help other countries, too.   I am sure that markets offer huge business opportunities for those who offer world-class technologies, know-how and solutions in renewable energy, energy efficiency and smart grids.

I will give you one more number. Energy loss in Finnish grid is only 3 %. This is a good example of what we can achieve by combining advanced energy efficient technologies and smart grid. Loss of 3 % is one of the lowest in the world. In most countries it’s a 2 digit number or even 20-40 %.

With these ideas and examples I would like to wish you all fruitful and lively discussions and energetic networking during this important Forum. Thank you.