Minister Lindström: Ohjaamo supports and serves young people

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment 25.1.2016 13.30
Press release

'Young people are also among those who are suffering the consequences of economic recession and poor employment prospects. The Ohjaamos' activities seek to respond to the challenges that young people face. We have never before had at our disposal such a well developed tool, Minister of Justice and Employment Jari Lindström stated at the opening ceremony of the first Ohjaamo Week in Jyväskylä on 25 January 2016.

Ohjaamos are a new kind of low-threshold service point for under-30-year-olds which are operating all over Finland. This new service responds to the growth in unemployment among young people and their need to obtain information, advice and support from one and the same place. The service is part of the government's Youth Guarantee.

'Every young person's situation is different, and with the help of the Ohjaamo's multi-disciplinary group of experts the young person can obtain personal and individually tailored support. In the Ohjaamo, the young person's voice is heard and they participate in forming the plans and action steps that affect them', the Minister explained.

Ohjaamos provide diverse support and advice

The support offered by the Ohjaamo can be, for example, student counselling, help with job seeking, or training in skills for working life. Young people have access to professionals from TE services, youth work services, student counselling, and social and health services, and also access to services offered by the third sector. From the employment perspective, cooperation between Ohjaamos and local businesses is key.

'The Ohjaamo is an entirely new kind of operating model, one based on a multi-disciplinary approach with different bodies working together. In the Ohjaamos the different government bodies, as well as other organisations working with young people, all work together', Minister Lindström stressed.

Aim to firmly establish Ohjaamo activities

There are currently over 30 Ohjaamos in operation in different parts of Finland, and the majority of these receive financial support from the European Social Fund. Around 60% of Finland's 16-29-year-olds live in areas where Ohjaamos are in operation. A number of Ohjaamos began operations in 2014.

'The Ohjaamos' operating models, methods and processes are being closely surveyed. The good practices identified are then shared for the benefit of all and thus operations are developed to run better and better all the time. The hope is that Ohjaamos will grow and develop to become a lasting, central part of the services offered to young people', Minister Lindström added.

The Ohjaamos and their activities are under the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. Minister Lindström's video greeting from the Ohjaamo Week opening ceremony can be viewed on the Ministry of Employment and the Economy's YouTube channel at Contact details for the Ohjaamos can be found at

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