Minister Rehn in Soul 17.5.2016

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment 17.5.2016 15.04

Finland Innovation Day Seminar

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Finnish Government I would like to welcome you all to this Finland Innovation Day Seminar. It is a great pleasure for me to be here today. Firstly, I want to thank our distinguished Korean guests for joining this event. I am pleased to see so many people interested in Finnish ICT knowledge.

My special thanks go also to the organizers of this seminar, especially to Korean Telecom, for your valuable work and for giving us this great opportunity to bring together Korean and Finnish counterparts. Together we can achieve more.

Korea is one of the global technology leaders and the ‘home market’ for a number of international technology giants. You have the fastest Internet connections and consumers spending the most time online in the world. We are well aware of your impressive achievements in creating a highly advanced information society, building on a technological mindset and well-functioning collaboration between the Government and the technology industry. We also appreciate Korea as a country of high-quality education system and high-level universities.

I see many similarities here with Finland which is well known as an ICT nation. Finns, like Koreans, are active ICT users, and we have a high number of ICT specialists in our workforce. Our sizable investments into research and innovation, as well as close collaboration between universities, companies and research institutes have produced world class expertise and a lively ICT ecosystem.

The Finnish Government holds digital economy as one of the key objectives in its strategic agenda, along with Arctic issues, bio economy, clean technologies as well as health and welfare technologies – all of these domains naturally benefiting from ICTs. We are pushing forward in digitizing our public services and making Finland one of the leading environments for developing, testing and using ICTs. Finland makes digital difference by introducing countless technologies and digital services to the world. This agenda brings us here.

Finland and Korea have active bilateral trade relations and long-term collaboration in the areas of science, technology and innovation. Taking this into account, I am convinced there are still many doors worth opening.

One area where the interests and capabilities of both countries meet is 5th Generation Networks. I can without any doubt say that Finland is a forerunner in the development and implementation of new 5G technologies, largely thanks to its highly advanced test network capabilities.

Openings for fruitful collaboration have already been found. For instance, the University of Oulu, Finland with leading companies, such as Nokia, participate in implementing and developing 5G mobile technology for the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games. It will be the first international event to showcase and demonstrate 5G technology, and a great example of what we can achieve together.

Furthermore, Big Data and Internet of Things are transforming our lives in ways we can’t now even imagine. Several industries are exploring the potential that big data offers. It’s expected to show a rapid growth.

Finland, with its strong ICT industry, is in an excellent position to support Korean manufacturing industry in realizing the change. The companies in our delegation offer technologies and services that help their Korean customers to take IoT into use and make the most out their data. They have products and solutions covering the whole Industrial Internet and Big Data value chain.

I would like to continue on digitalization which is dramatically affecting ecosystems, for example around transport and vehicle industry. The world is waking up to the potential of smart vehicles, smart traffic systems as well as the Mobility as a Service concept, where Finland is a true pioneer.

The Mobility as a Service Model of Finland’s Capital Helsinki upgrades the service level of transportation. The goal is to offer tailor-made traffic services to consumers based on their individual needs. Public sector is committed to improving infrastructure, making Finland and Helsinki ideal locations for developing and testing smart traffic solutions.

This strategic development strategy has created a vital ecosystem of innovative companies in the field.  Finnish companies are leading the way with cutting edge solutions in intelligent vehicles, Intelligent Transport Systems and Mobility as a Service.

Korea, on the other hand, is one of the most promising markets in the world in intelligent vehicle and Mobility as a Service. Korean “Connected Car market” is expected to show rapid growth. For this reason of course, Finnish companies want to increase their market presence here.

Today, we are proud to present you a crew of Finnish superstars that deliver groundbreaking solutions across the entire value chain. They offer solutions that help Korean industries to achieve increased efficiency, reduced costs and enhanced customer experience.

This event, Finland innovation day, is an excellent opportunity to strengthen our collaboration in the areas of ICT and Digitalization. I would like to encourage you all to seize the opportunity to learn from each others’ offering and seek possibilities for doing mutually beneficial business together.

I wish you all an interesting seminar and the best success for Finnish-Korean partnerships!

Thank you.