Artificial intelligence programme

On 18 May 2017, Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä appointed a steering group to prepare a proposal for an artificial intelligence (AI) programme for Finland.

The group, led by Pekka Ala-Pietilä, was given four objectives for its work, in the form of the following questions:

  • How can the public and private sectors best work together to ensure sufficient support for businesses in the production of AI-based innovations?
  • How can data-driven businesses benefit from the secondary use of public sector information resources?
  • How will AI affect us as individuals and what will be its impact on the future of work? And what will be the wider impact on society?
  • What kind of measures does the public sector require as we move towards the age of AI?

Report: Finland’s Age of Artificial Intelligence

The steering group has now submitted its first interim report, which contains eight key actions (below) for taking Finland towards the age of AI. This is the first stage in a process that should last for a number of years to come.

1. Enhancement of business competitiveness through the use of AI 

2. Effective utilisation of data in all sectors

3. Ensure AI can be adopted more quickly and easily

4. Ensure top-level expertise and attract top experts

5. Make bold decisions and investments

6. Build the world’s best public services

7. Establish new models for collaboration

8. Make Finland a frontrunner in the age of AI

Finland is already a leader in utilising AI, but how can we ensure it will remain so in the future, too? The steering group, in its report, provides background information on Finland’s strengths and weaknesses in making use of AI. The report also proposes measures regarding areas where it would be good to invest in in the future.

The essential aspect here is that in the future the public and private sectors should pull in the same direction more effectively: legislation will be reformed; a good platform will be established for innovations; investment will be made in education; and data resources will be used as extensively as possible.

The working group's interim report

Join in the work at

The term of the AI steering group runs until the end of the present Government’s term. The group’s final report will be completed in April 2019. The AI steering group conducts its work in a way that is transparent and participatory.

Take part in the discussion on the website and in social media (#tekoälyaika), and help identify further measures. Together we can take Finland into the age of artificial intelligence.

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