Bioeconomy and cleantech

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The bioeconomy means the part of the economy that uses renewable biological resources sustainably for the production of bio-based products, food, feed, energy and services. The transition to the bioeconomy will reduce our dependence on fossil-based natural resources and help prevent the degradation of natural ecosystems. At the same time it will generate economic growth and create new jobs in a sustainable manner.

The bioeconomy plays a considerable role in the Finnish economy: Its annual output exceeds €64 billion or around 17% of our total national output. Around 300,000 people in Finland are employed directly by the bioeconomy, while the total value of the country’s bioeconomy exports is around €17 billion.

The objective of the Finnish Bioeconomy Strategy is to raise our bioeconomy output to €100 billion by 2025 and create 100,000 new jobs.

Clean solutions

By clean solutions – or cleantech – we mean products, services, processes and entire concepts that promote the sustainable use of natural resources and reduce environmental emissions. Cleantech helps us respond to global environmental challenges, such as environmental pollution, climate change and resource scarcity. At the same time they improve the competitiveness of industry and services thanks to the efficient use of materials, energy and other resources.

Generating a combined annual turnover in excess of €25 billion, the Finnish cleantech sector comprises around 2,000 enterprises, some 100 of which are large companies.

Bioeconomy and clean solutions (BC) key projects coordinated by Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment aims to make Finland an attractive operating environment that provides incentives for increased business and investments in the fields of bioeconomy and cleantech in order to boost economic growth, exports and employment.

We have coordinated the key projects launched under the Government Programme relating to the bioeconomy and clean solutions and implement them in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry as well as Team Finland players, such as Business Finland.

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