Business Finland funds ecosystem and partnership projects of leading companies 

Business Finland provides partnership funding for research, development and innovation projects (RDI) for leading companies in line with their ecosystem areas. Partnership funding aims to increase the RDI activities and competitive advantage of Finnish companies in international markets. Leading companies can play a part in solving major future challenges. They can also create new jobs and ecosystems aiming at new business worth billions of euros. 

Business Finland’s maximum funding per leading company is EUR 20 million. In addition, Business Finland aims is to finance the partners of leading companies by a maximum of EUR 50 million over a period of five years. Funding is available for areas and projects mentioned in the leading company roadmaps, which can be viewed on the Business Finland website

What is a leading company?

Business Finland held a competition in 2020 looking for leading Finnish companies to solve major future challenges and increase their RDI investments in Finland. Six projects from seven companies were selected as winners. The leading companies are ABB, Fortum and Metsä Group, Kone, Neste, Nokia and Sandvik. These large companies will find partners, such as higher education institutions and research organisations, to work with them.

More information:  

- Information on funding of leading companies and ecosystems on Business Finland website.
- Information on the call for partnership funding applications for companies and research organisations on Business Finland website.