Enterprise Finland subregional services

The subregional business services network offers advice for launching and developing business activities, and guidance for the services of special advisers according to the model put forward by Enterprise Finland. Subregional business services serve as a first contact with entrepreneurship, and a knowledgeable partner in growth and development. The network covers the whole country.

You can also call the telephone service of Enterprise Finland, which gives advice on public business services for both new companies and those already in operation (in Finnish and Swedish).
The subregional business service offers

  • information on setting up a company
  • business idea evaluations, or
  • assessments of measures required by a company's development project
  • advice on launching and developing business activities and
  • guidance for the services of special advisers.

Key players include regional development organisations run by municipalities, ELY centres, TE offices, Finnvera, the New Business Centres as well as the ProAgria Centres. Other service providers include technology centres, tax offices, business incubators, and other business service organisations and development projects. Different service organisations can offer services to customers in the same premises, or dispersed in the form of network collaboration among various players.