#EU4FairWork campaign


Undeclared work does not respect national borders. Together with its member states, the European Labour Authority (ELA) will organise a communications campaign to disseminate information on actions taken to tackle undeclared work and on reasons why declaring work is in the interests of everyone. The European Union is working jointly against undeclared work.

In Finland, the campaign will involve a comprehensive network of participants, including ministries, supervisory authorities and organisations: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Finance, Police, Finnish Immigration Service, the occupational safety authority i.e. the Occupational safety and health divisions at the Regional State Administrative Agencies, Finnish Tax Administration, Finnish Centre for Pensions, Centre for Occupational Safety, Confederation of Finnish Industries EK, Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT, Suomen Yrittäjät ry, Finnish Hospitality Association MaRa, Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland Akava, Service Union United PAM, Finnish Construction Trade Union, Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions SAK, Finnish Confederation of Professionals STTK, Transport Workers’ Union AKT, Employers’ Federation of Road Transport ALT, European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control HEUNI, Kela and KT Local Government Employers.

The communications campaign starts in March and ends in October 2020. You can follow the campaign in the social media under the hashtag #EU4FairWork.


Päivi Kantanen, Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
Anna Rissanen, Communications Specialist, Ministry of Employment and the Economy

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