Tourism is growing and undergoing renewal

Finland’s tourism industry has grown and become more international at a faster pace than other sectors in recent years. It has become an important export sector and provider of employment. For many years, the revenue generated by tourism has been more than EUR 14 billion and it may even reach EUR 20 billion by 2025.

Development of tourism in Finland is guided by “Achieving more together”, the roadmap for growth and renewal in Finnish tourism for 2015 - 2025. The aim is to make Finland the number-one tourist destination in Northern Europe by 2025.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and and Employment is responsible for setting the priorities of the Finnish tourism policy and it develops the sector in cooperation with other ministries and sectoral actors. Visit Finland is responsible for the international promotion of Finnish tourism.

Growth-oriented and networked tourism enterprises with expanding international operations have priority when public subsidies are provided. Funding is also directed at areas providing the tourism industry with stronger operating prerequisites, such as transport connections, improvements in energy-efficiency and the maintenance of national parks and hiking routes.

Further information: Sanna Kyyrä sanna.kyyra(at)