Government employment measures in the 2021 mid-term policy review session

The measures decided in the mid-term policy review session are aimed at achieving 40,000–44,500 new jobs. In addition, decisions on employment measures that will strengthen general government finances by EUR 110 million will be made before the end of the government term.

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Government press release, 29 April 2021: Government decides policy positions for remaining part of its term and for 2022–2025 General Government Fiscal Plan

Impact assessments

The impacts of the employment measures decided in the mid-term policy review session have been assessed in the ministry responsible for the preparation of a given employment measure. Impact assessments are based on common principles and a framework adopted by the Ministerial Working Group on Promoting Employment. The ministries have also collaborated in the preparation of the impact assessments.

The ministries’ memorandums on the impact assessments can be found in Finnish on the website of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

* temporary effect of wage subsidy on the labour reserve is about 4,500 employed people