Granting of annual holiday and paying of holiday pay

The annual holiday is earned and taken on working days. Saturday is also considered a working day even if the employee did not work on Saturdays. The summer holiday (24 working days) must be taken in the holiday season (2 May - 30 September). The remainder of the holiday (winter holiday) must be granted no later than by the beginning of the following holiday season.

At least two weeks of the annual holiday must be taken as an uninterrupted period. In other respects, the employer and the employee may agree on taking the holiday outside the holiday seasons. They may also convert part of the holiday into shorter working hours.  

As a rule, the employees also have the right to receive their regular pay for the holiday. The rules concerning the calculation of the holiday pay depend on the pay system and holiday accrual rules applying to the employee in question.

The holiday pay must be paid before the start of the holiday. However, for a holiday not exceeding six days, the holiday pay may be paid on the employee’s normal pay day.

The holiday compensation paid to the employee at the end of the employment relationship for any holiday earned but not yet granted is calculated in accordance with the same rules as holiday pay. The holiday compensation of employees covered by the leave system is calculated in the same manner.

Further information:

Guidance and supervision of labour legislation: Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Osha)