Impact on businesses

Right to practise a trade

Any resident of the EEA who is a natural person, a Finnish entity or an entity with a registered branch in Finland and domiciled in the EEA, is entitled to practise a trade in Finland. The right to practise a trade is not tied to the nationality of the natural person.

In the event of the UK’s no-deal withdrawal, companies must assess the impacts of the residence requirements applicable to their responsible persons. At least one Board member is required to reside in the EEA.

More information: Link to the Finnish Patent and Registration Office

Goods market

The goods market, particularly of more complex technical devices, is already very integrated, with extensive movement of raw materials, components, semi-finished and finished products.  If products are imported into the EU, they must meet EU conformity criteria. Standardisation is carried out by international and European organisations.

Notified bodies are conformity assessment bodies that test, inspect and certify products. Notified bodies play an important role in ensuring the safety and conformity of products being introduced to the markets, and in creating trust in the trade sector.

Certificates of conformity issued by UK notified bodies for product compliance will no longer be accepted in the EU once the UK becomes a third country. Brexit does not affect products that have been placed on the market before the date of resignation as certificates issued by notified bodies in the United Kingdom prior to Brexiin are also valid after the difference. Certificates issued by UK notified bodies before Brexit will continue to be accepted after the withdrawal.

Brexit is a challenge for companies that have only operated on the EU Single Market. If the company is going to trade with Britain in the future, it will have to comply with the customs clearance procedures, which are mandatory in trade with third countries.

Businesses need to become familiar with and learn about what trade with non-EU countries requires and what requirements third-country products must meet before they can be brought into the EU Single Market.

More information on the website of Finnish CustomsFinnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) and European Chemicals Agency ECHA.

Industrial property rights

In the event of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU with no agreement, the EU’s industrial property rights, i.e. the EU trademark and the Community design will no longer be valid in the UK. According to information currently available, the UK is going to take national measures in order to maintain the validity of these rights in the UK.  The UK estimates that it will be able to provide protection under the Supplementary Protection Certificates, which are based on EU regulations, in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

More information on the website of the Finnish Patent and Registration Office 


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