Information for companies on goods and services regulations

Product Contact Point

Regulation on mutual recognition

The Regulation on mutual recognition sets forth the administrative procedures that authorities must follow, if they decide to restrict or prohibit the market entry of a product that is legally available in another EU member state.

The Regulation aims to ensure that these restrictions adhere to what have been deemed acceptable grounds in EU law.

In accordance with the Regulation on mutual recognition, each member state will have founded a national Product Contact Point, which are sources of information for operators on national product regulations.

In Finland, the Product Contact Point operates under the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. The Product Contact Point can be reach at the following e-mail address: sisamarkkinat(at)

Service companies - Point of Single Contact

Points of Single Contact intended for service companies provide information on starting and running a business, and the related permit, notification and registration procedures. According to the Services Directive, it must be possible to start a business and acquire the necessary permits electronically throughout the EU.

Points of Single Contact, as defined in the Services Directive, are provided as an online service in all member states. The Finnish Point of Contact is Yritys-Suomi.

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