International talents boosting growth

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment launched the International talents boosting growth agenda in autumn 2016 to link together migration, innovation and industrial and business policies and to harness the potential in international talents to support the growth and internationalisation of companies.

In the agenda, international talents refer to immigrants or Finnish returnees who have high skill levels, international experience and expertise as well as networks with potential to bring added value to Finnish business and industry. It is irrelevant why individuals have chosen to come to Finland or what their labour market status is; instead the focus is on what added value they can bring to companies.


  • Finland will attract international talents and harness their networks to get investments into Finland.
  • Companies will use the networks and expertise of international talents to spur growth and internationalisation.
  • Business and industry ecosystems and innovation platforms and labour markets will be available to international talents and encourage entrepreneurship.

International talents to help companies

Migration to Finland is growing fast. Work, family and studies are the most important reasons for coming to Finland. Migration brings to Finland international talents that can be harnessed to create new jobs and spur entrepreneurship and innovations. They can also promote business growth and internationalisation. We need, however, measures to transform international talents into added value in Finnish business and industry.

The agenda aims to promote the participation and commitment of international talents in professional networks, innovation communities and startups. Other objectives are to link international talents to the processes and services that foster growth and internationalisation and boost companies’ capacities to identify the added value in the skills and networks of international talents. The intention is that companies find international talents through business services.

Companies can make use of international talents especially in sale and marketing, product development, target market analyses as well as in creating better customer relations and building new networks of partners. International talents can be harnessed to promote new business, reinforce competitiveness in both domestic and international markets, bridge skills gaps in the domestic market, attract new investments into Finland and create new jobs.

Talent Boost programme

It was decided in the Government's mid-term policy review session in April 2017 that the International talents boosting growth agenda is expanded into an intersectoral Talent Boost programme for the Government.

The programme aims to integrate international talents efficiently into companies to support growth and internationalisation. Another goal is to attract international talents into Finland and harness their skills and network to attract investments.

The programme measures include targeted country branding, ensuring necessary services and developing business ecosystems, innovation platforms and labour markets so that they are open to international talents and encourage entrepreneurship.

The programme will also implement the internationalisation strategy for higher education and research and enable transactions with the authorities also in English. Employment and growth are supported by amending the Aliens’ Act so that special residence permits for start-up entrepreneurs can be granted to growth and innovation companies.

Call for applications for projects under the International talents boost growth agenda will be launched on 14 June 2017. Read more at


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