Legislative plan 2015-2019

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has prepared a legislative plan the aim of which is to ensure the openness and transparency of the law drafting process. The plan contains details of the legislative proposals that the Government intends to submit to Parliament during the current parliamentary term on the submission of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

Structure of the legislative plan

The plan lists the proposals in accordance with the year in which the Government intends to submit them to Parliament.  

For each legislative project, the plan also gives

  • the name of the Government proposal or project,
  • summary of the content of the proposal/project,
  • important links, such as relevant directives and international treaties, state budget proposal or the implementation of the Government Programme of Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s Government,
  • details of the official with overall responsibility for the drafting process.

For more details of the content of each legislative project, visit the Government Project Register (HARE) or contact the official with overall responsibility for the project.

Government Project Register (in Finnish)

For more information about the legislative plan, contact Pasi Järvinen, Director of Legislation.

E-mail addresses of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment are in the format [email protected]