MEAE Business Sector Services

The Business Sector Services of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment were discontinued in spring 2024 in its current form. The decision is due to diminishing resources.

Sector-specific information will also be needed in future. The Ministry aims to respond to this need for information by developing a resource-efficient way of producing and publishing both strategically important and topical sector-specific information that strengthens knowledge management and knowledge-based decision-making.

The last sector reports on tourism and health and social services were published in April 2024.

Sector-specific publications:

Sector and theme reports

The series of industry reports was an analytical publication series on business development and future prospects in different industries. The thematic reports, on the other hand, focused more closely on topical issues concerning the sector or several sectors.

The reports are available in Finnish. The reports contain summary pages in Swedish and English. Some special reports are also available in English. Publications are available on this website starting from 2015.

Outlook for industries

The outlook covered the general situation and future of the sectors. They also examined factors and change trends affecting the development of sectors.

SME sector barometers

The SME sector barometers examined, in particular, SMEs' economic expectations, growth and renewal, internationalisation, and development needs and obstacles.

More information: 

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