Natural gas market

Natural gas accounts for approximately 7 per cent of the total energy consumption in Finland. Gas use is roughly divided in two between heat and power generation and final consumption in industry. Unlike in other EU countries, gas use in Finnish households is very limited. The natural gas grid covers the southern and south-eastern parts of Finland.

The Finnish gas market is a separate island, and Finland has no gas transmission connections to other EU countries. At present, all gas consumed in Finland is imported from Russia via two parallel pipelines.

Finland has prepared for possible supply disruptions by storing alternative fuels in the obligatory stockpiles maintained by companies and in state-owned reserves.

EU internal market in natural gas

The European Union aims to create a European internal market in natural gas. Finland has implemented the EU Gas Directive by the Natural Gas Market Act (508/2009).

The Gas Directive allows Finland to derogate from the obligation to liberalise its natural gas market, as long as the country only has one main supplier of natural gas and it is not connected to the European Gas Network.

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