Notification procedure for product regulations

Your Europe Member States must notify the Commission and the other Member States in advance of new national draft legislation concerning products and information society services that contain technical regulations.

Technical regulations are, for example, requirements on quality, safety, features, packaging or labelling and compliance assessment procedures. Product refers to industrially manufactured products and agricultural products, including fishing products. Information society services are services that are provided remotely in electronic form, usually against payment, and delivered upon request.

After the Commission and the other Member States have received the notification, they have an opportunity to issue comments on the contents of the draft, and the Commission will introduce a three-month period during which the statute or regulation may not be put into effect.

The purpose of the information exchange procedure is to ensure the functioning of the Single Market and the openness of national statute drafting and prevent the creation of barriers to free movement of goods and services.

Member States’ notifications are published on the Technical Regulation Information System (TRIS) website. The notification procedure is based on Directive (EU) 2015/1535 (formerly 98/34 EY).

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