Other Sectors

Sectoral Roadmaps

In addition to the key industries, several other sectors are preparing roadmaps. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment would like to see all roadmaps to be as commensurate as possible but due to sectoral differences, requirements are not as strict as they are for the key industries. 

The sectors listed below are in the process of preparing a roadmap 

The preparation of a roadmap is or has been under consideration in a few other sectors.

Roadmaps of the ministries

Extensive work on the carbon footprint in the construction sector is under way in the Ministry of the Environment, as well as work on a roadmap under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications has set up a working group to prepare a roadmap for non-fossil transport in accordance with the Government Programme.

Contact details for persons responsible at the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Transport and Communications are available on the Contact information page.