Performance guidance of ELY Centres

The Ministry of Employment and the Economy is responsible for the administrative steering of the ELY Centres and the TE Offices and the development of the services and operations of the centres and the Employment and Economic Development Offices (TE Offices) coming under them.

The steering of the ELY Centres is carried out in cooperation with other administrative branches. A management group has been established to coordinate the cooperation. It comprises the permanent secretaries of the ministries steering the ELY Centres, a representative of the Directors-General of the ELY Centres and (as expert members) the directors and heads of agencies nominated by the administrative branches. 

A cross-administrative group prepares the matters for the consideration of the management group. It comprises representatives of the bodies steering the ELY Centres and representatives of the ELY Centres and their personnel.

Reforming the steering system

The steering of the ELY Centres and the Regional State Administrative Agencies has been streamlined and simplified. The ELY Centres and the Regional State Administrative Agencies have a joint strategy document. In addition to this document, the ELY Centres, Regional State Administrative Agencies and the Development and Administration Centre for ELY Centres and TE Offices (KEHA centre) each have their own performance agreements.

The strategy document and the performance agreements are prepared for the term of the Government and their content is reviewed each year, as necessary. The review is on the basis of the central government spending limits and the state budget.

More streamlined, cross-administrative and coherent steering

The aim of the reform is that, in line with performance guidance in other areas of central government, the guidance of the ELY Centres should become more strategic, streamlined, cross-administrative and coherent in nature.

When the documents were prepared, the aim was to establish a clear link between the Government Programme and central government financial planning on the one hand and the performance guidance documents on the other. Regional development priorities are also a consideration in the performance agreements of the ELY Centres.

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