A young person can enter into a permanent employment relationship at the age of 15

Persons aged 15 who have finished their compulsory education can be employed on a permanent basis.

Young persons aged under 15 may work as follows:

Persons aged 14 and persons reaching the age of 14 during the same calendar year may perform light work tasks

  • During school holidays, for no more than half of the holiday period
  • During school terms, on a temporary basis or for short periods

A person aged 13 years or younger may work temporarily as a performer or an assistant in artistic and cultural performances and in other similar events.

Who can conclude an employment contract?

  • A person aged 15 or over may conclude an employment contract independently and give notice on it or cancel it.
  • An employment contract for persons under 15 can be made on behalf of the young person by his or her guardian or, with the consent of the guardian, also by the young person him- or herself.

Further information:

Guidance and supervision of labour legislation: Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Osha)