Product safety and market surveillance package

In February 2013, the European Commission adopted two proposals for Regulations as part of the so-called product safety and market surveillance package. The objective is to improve the functioning of the internal market and to reduce the number of unsafe and non-compliant products in the EU market. This will ensure a high level of protection of consumers, professionals, the environment and other public interests.

The aim of the proposed Regulations is to collect together and enhance EU product safety requirements, strengthen market surveillance and its coordination, and simplify the structure of the EU regulatory framework.

The product safety and market surveillance package includes the following two proposals for Regulations:

  • Regulation on consumer product safety
  • Regulation on market surveillance of products

The proposals are available through the links below.

The package was examined by the Council’s working parties, which completed their work in the autumn of 2013. Since then, the adoption of the package has been delayed due to disagreement among the Member States regarding the proposed indication of the country of origin of a product.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is currently carrying out a reform of the national product safety and market surveillance legislation due to the alignment of nine different product-related directives (“Alignment Package”). The national regulatory measures needed in connection with the product safety and market surveillance package should be coordinated with the reform.

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