Project-based mechanisms in the trading period 2013–2020

The Emissions Trading Directive lays down rules on the use of project-based mechanisms under the Kyoto Protocol in the emissions trading period 2013–2020. EU ETS operators may use emission credits (ERUs and CERs) derived from project-based mechanisms (JI and CDM) for meeting their obligations by exchanging them to EU emission allowances (EUAs) for the third trading period.

The maximum amount of emission credits operators are entitled to use covers the period from 2008 to 2020. The maximum entitlements for the whole period are determined in accordance with the Emissions Trading Directive (2003/87/EC). The Commission Regulation (EU) No 1123/2013 (RICE Regulation) further specifies the maximum limits on the use of credits in 2008–2020.

The Finnish Energy Authority’s decision on installation-specific maximum limits on credit entitlements was issued on 24 January 2014. Limits for installations located in the Åland Islands are determined by the Government of Åland, and the limits for aircraft operators are set by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi.

The current EU legislation does not allow operators to use international credits or to exchange them to EUAs in the trading period 2021— 2030.


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