Reboot Finland takes us to the Digital Era

Reboot Finland is a snowball effect launched by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation Tekes and Finpro. The growing digital knowledge to be achieved leads to a profound renewal of the whole of Finland.

What are the benefits of Reboot Finland?

Reboot Finland transforms the 100-year-old Finland into the digital era. Our country will be updated to boost exports and ease our everyday lives – from infants to grandparents.

We can take our babies to see a doctor without leaving home and, as we grow old, we can go on living in our own homes longer than before. Or we may find completely new ways to use open data and to sell the product to the rest of the world. For the benefits of Reboot Finland – imagination is the only limit.

Reboot Finland in practice

Reboot Finland means concrete action where the challenges of our everyday lives, business and public services are dealt with rapidly, together, and much more effectively than before. The aim for 2017 is to carry through 100 concrete digital actions for renewal, including hackathons, idea contests or campaigns that pave the way for Finland's next 100 years.

In hackathons software professionals from different fields come together to search for ideas and tackle factors that hinder innovation. The benefits include the incorporation of business and market competence in the current technologies, and new solutions that can be patented.

How to participate in Reboot Finland?

Companies, towns and cities, associations and private citizens – tell us about a project that will reboot Finland and send us a message with contact information at

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