Regional development priorities

The objectives for regional development are laid down in the Act on Regional Development. The Government will approve the national regional development priorities (regional development decision) for its term of office. The decision on regional development priorities sets out the central government objectives that the ministries are committed to and that are taken into account in the steering of each administrative branch. The development resources and the performance and effectiveness indicators are also described in the decision. The Ministry of Employment and the Economy is responsible for overall coordination of regional development at national level.

Regional development decision 2020-2023

The regional development decision 2020–2023 establishes the priorities within the Government’s remit to be observed during Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s term of office, and objectives at the cen-tral government level to which the ministries have committed. The regional development decision steers the development of the different administrative branches and regions, and the coordination of these measures.

The aims and measures of regional policy, which is based on regional strengths and balanced re-gional development, are linked to the Government Programme. A dynamic, thriving and socially strong Finland will be built on the combined successes of the Greater Helsinki region, growing city regions, sub-regions and rural areas alike. In this regional development decision, the themes and strategic measures are structured into six key priorities: 

  • Mitigating climate change and safeguarding biodiversity
  • Building sustainable communities with good connections
  • Innovating business life and accelerating R&D&I
  • Making skills and education a resource for regional development
  • Increasing inclusion and wellbeing and preventing inequality
  • Creating an operating model for regional development

The regional development decision 2020–2023 : Sustainable and vital regions (link)

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