Regional Economic Prospects

The Regional Economic Prospects review is published twice yearly by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (the ELY Centres). It presents the views of the ELY Centres and other regional developers concerning the present position and economic prospects of the sub-regional units and the areas covered by the ELY Centres.

The region’s economic prospects are estimated from three perspectives: business and industry, number and composition of unemployed people, and availability of skilled labour.

The estimates concerning business and industry are based on companies’ production and sales figures and the number of investments, among other information. The number and composition of unemployed people is an estimate that combines the trends in the number of unemployed people and the trends in the structural problems of unemployment. The availability of skilled labour is an estimate focusing on the matching of demand and supply of labour in the region.

The review is collated and coordinated by Development Specialist Jouko Nieminen from the Southwest Finland ELY Centre.


Jouko Nieminen
Development Specialist
tel. +358 295 022 769
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