Sector-specific publications

Sector Reports

The Sector Reports is an annually updated series of analytical reports on the economic situation and outlook in different sectors in Finland. The Sector Manager of each sector is responsible for compiling the report.

Sector Reports have been published since 1993. On this site Sector Reports are available from 2015 onwards. The reports are available in Finnish, with a description sheet in Swedish.

Sectors’ Economic Prospects and Overviews

Every autumn and spring the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment publishes reports on the present state and economic prospects of different sectors. The economic prospects reports also discuss different kinds of factors influencing the economic prospects of sectors as well as the roles the sectors play in Finnish economy. The overview reports, on the other hand, are brief topical reports on developments in the growth areas in each sector. They are compiled by the Sector Managers and experts.

The Sector Managers in the ELY Centres draw up the reports, which are then published in the Ministry’s newsletters and on this website.

SME Sector Barometers

Since the SME Barometer 2/2015, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has published separate SME Sector Barometers, which focus on the economic outlooks, growth, renewal and internationalisation of SMEs and their development needs and barriers. The role of digitalisation in business activities has also been examined with topical questions.

Other publications

Other publications include additional sector-specific material produced by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.


Reports and material are published for the following sectors:

  • Electronics and the electrotechnical industry
  • Food industry
  • Mining and quarrying industry
  • Mechanical and equipment engineering
  • Carpentry products and wooden houses
  • Renewable energy
  • Natural products
  • Business services
  • Tourist entertainment services
  • Healthcare and social services