SIB projects

In Finland, SIB as an instrument of outcomes contracting has been tested in two projects, one for promoting occupational wellbeing in the public sector and the other for the rapid employment of immigrants. Projects currently underway focus on providing access to employment to the long-term unemployed, on preventing the placement of children in care, and on preventing the exclusion of young people. 

New projects aimed at strengthening the functional capacity of the elderly, preventing type 2 diabetes, and reducing the nutrient load in agriculture and the climate damage caused by private households are also on the drawing board. 

There are approximately 200 impact bond projects being carried out or planned globally, almost half of these in the United Kingdom or in the United States. Impact bond projects are underway in 12 European countries.

Starting point and outcome objectives of Children SIB II

Modelling national savings potential of type 2 diabetes

Summary of outcomes-based funding agreements (SIB, EIB) concluded and under preparation in Finland