Steering Group of Health Sector Growth Strategy

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has appointed a steering group to coordinate, follow and evaluate the implementation of the health sector growth strategy in the field of research and innovation. 

Composition of the steering group 1.1.2020-31.12.2023

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
Maija Lönnqvist, Industrial Counsellor, chairperson 
Anni Kaukoranta, Development Manager as deputy member
Mikko Martikainen, Ministerial Adviser, permanent expert

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Liisa-Maria Voipio-Pulkki, Director General, CMO, vice chairperson 
Saara Leppinen, Ministerial Adviser
Jukka Lähesmaa, Senior Specialist as deputy member
Tuula Helander, Director, permanent expert

Ministry of Education and Culture
Erja Heikkinen, Senior Ministerial Adviser, vice chairperson
Riina Vuorento, Senior Ministerial Adviser as deputy member

Business Finland
Eeva Salminen, Senior Director, Accounts
Outi Tuovila, Ecosystem Lead, Innovation Ecosystems Health & Wellbeing as deputy member

Academy of Finland
Riitta Maijala, Vice President for Research
Sanna Marjavaara, Senior Science Adviser as deputy member