Strategy document of Regional State Administrative Agencies and ELY Centres 2016-2019

The joint strategy document of the Regional State Administrative Agencies and ELY Centres was approved on 12 November 2015.

Strategic priority areas and joint operating practices

The regional state administration is guided by the strategic objectives laid out in the Government Programme and operates in an efficient and reform-oriented manner. The joint aim is to provide a basis for sustainable growth and wellbeing derived from regional strengths.

There are three priority areas:

  • Citizens and communities: The aim is to increase wellbeing, make citizens and communities healthier, provide citizens and communities with better skills and employment prospects and make society safer and more inclusive.
  • Companies and industries: The aim is to promote economic growth and competitiveness at regional and company level, in a proactive and sustainable manner.
  • Environment and natural resources: The aim is to ensure a high level of environmental protection and generate growth based on the sustainable use of natural resources.

Operating practices in regional state administration will be overhauled. The focus will be on smooth services, use of regional strengths and interactive development.

Further information: tarja.reivonen(at)