Survey on competition-distorting foreign state aid (survey closes on 14 June 2019)

The purpose of this survey is to identify any unfair competition experienced by Finnish companies in non-EU countries arising from state aid granted to foreign competitors. 

Areas covered by the survey include various direct and/or indirect subsidies in the public sector, arrangements and measures creating unfair competition such as loans below market rate, guarantees, capital investment, share capital increase, or land sale or property rental or sale below market value. Tax reliefs or tax exemptions are also considered forms of state aid in this context. In this survey, authorities refer broadly to all public sector entities on central government, local government or lower regional level. The survey also covers assets channelled through state-owned enterprises, financial institutions or funds.

Every piece of information is important, because a thorough understanding of unfair practices in the playing field facilitates efforts to remove barriers to fair competition. The survey provides a low-threshold channel for respondents to report their experiences. Besides detailed descriptions, respondents can also report any suspicions of state aid that distorts competition. The European Commission can use the information obtained from the survey for purposes such as investigations on anti-subsidy duties and WTO dispute settlement, or when negotiating bilateral trade agreements. It also helps the European Commission to exert pressure on non-EU countries.

Responding to the survey and registration

Information is collected from companies in all EU member states. All data will be processed confidentially and sent to the Licences European Commission for compilation with the responding company’s consent. The survey will be conducted in the Government ICT Centre Valtori’s TIIMERI system, which meets the STIV basic information security level requirements. Respondents are required to register their e-mail address to an electronic tool (Eduuni ID). Office 365, Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Microsoft and Twitter accounts can be used to log in.

The survey is country-specific; please fill in one questionnaire per non-EU country (e.g. China, Russia, Canada).  The final survey will be available in Finnish, Swedish and English, with an individual survey in each language. The survey closes on 14 June 2019.


The questions and instructions for respondents are provided to allow you to read them beforehand, or send to others within your organisation:

For more information, please contact:

Mary-Anne Nojonen, Commercial Counsellor, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, tel. +358 29 535 1494, [email protected]
Niina Puolusmäki, Chief Specialist, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, tel. +358 29 504 7102, [email protected]