What are the goals of the growth programme?

Transport is one of the dramatically changing sectors where transformation is fuelled by several megatrend drivers at the same time. Some of these drivers emanate from climate change and the problems of increasing traffic, while others are associated with the opportunities provided by digitalisation and technology.

Changes affect the entire sector and all transport modes: passenger and goods transport, industry and services, rural and urban areas.

Digital transformation and other key drivers of change prompt changes in legislation, business models and customer needs. 

Approximately 35,000 companies are engaged in the transport industry in Finland, and they employ about 200,000 people. The sector’s global markets offer enormous growth potential. The revolution in technologies has turned the sector into a testing ground for new service models, where there are excellent opportunities for Finnish companies to create and test new service models and progress to international markets. The markets for MaaS (mobility as a service) are expected to grow to more than USD 1,000 billion by 2030.

The challenges and opportunities in the transport sector are typically too vast and complex for any single actor to address alone; it requires extensive cooperation and an ecosystem-focused mindset. Therefore, the National Growth Programme for the Transport Sector encourages closer cooperation between the public and private sectors.

Vision for the transport sector

  1. A growing sector with several business-driven ecosystems aiming for international growth.
  2. A source and user of high-quality research and of the inventions and innovations arising from such research.
  3. An open-minded lead market in user-focused piloting of new technologies and services.
  4. An attractive environment for investments and for testing and piloting platforms.
  5. A dynamic environment for start-ups and a reliable international growth partner for established businesses.
  6. An active and proactive adopter of new technologies such as blockchains, machine learning, artificial intelligence, automation and big data.
  7. A well-known and recognised prime example of smart and sustainable mobility and innovative solutions.