VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd’s licence for decommissioning

In June 2021, the Government granted VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd a licence under section 20 of the Nuclear Energy Act to decommission and dismantle the research reactor. After the reactor is decommissioned, the facilities will be released for other use. The FiR research reactor will be the first decommissioned nuclear facility in Finland.

Before submitting the application, VTT conducted an environmental impact assessment in 2013–2015. The assessment and a statement by the coordinating authority were included in the complete application submitted to the Government.

In autumn 2017, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment launched a statutory consultation round on the licence application. Comments were requested from ministries, authorities, municipalities and non-governmental organisations as well as Swedish authorities in accordance with the agreement on the construction of nuclear installations in border areas. Citizens also had the opportunity to comment on the application.

VTT supplemented its application in February 2019 and the Ministry organised a consultation round on the supplement during February 2019. VTT returned the spent nuclear fuel from the research reactor to the United States at the end of 2020, which is why VTT removed spent nuclear fuel from its application in February 2020.  

Further information: linda.kumpula(at)gov.fi

Decommissioning of VTTs FiR 1 research reactor licence application