Working Life 2020 project (2013–2019)

The Working Life 2020 project was based on a working life development strategy completed in 2012.  The strategy was devised in cooperation with the central labour market organisations. Its goal was to improve the employment rate, the quality of working life, well-being at work, and productivity, while its vision was to make working life in Finland the best in Europe by 2020.

The cooperation network in this project covered 80 organisations, including all central labour market organisations, and development bodies such as the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and the Centre for Occupational Safety. In addition, the project coordinated 15 regional networks built around the Centres for economic development, transport and the environment (ELY Centres). This network was complemented by sectoral programmes, in other words joint development projects of the employer and employee organisations. The majority of the project impacts were indirect and were generated through the activities of the developer network.

The project provided information, tools and peer support to workplaces

The network contributed to the emergence of content themes that induced discussions about new trends in working life. Cooperation also produced a Development Path test, which allows workplaces to identify their major strengths and weaknesses.

After project completion, other organisations in the network continued to pursue some of the themes, ensuring their continuity. The Development Path is now a free tool provided by the Centre for Occupational Safety. Business Finland will pursue the working life brand work as part of its Talent Boost programme.

The Working Life 2020 project also focused on communication and influencing by sharing best practices, tips and useful information. The development themes raised particularly towards the end of the project, such as leadership and trust in the workplace, were brought to public discussion.

In Finland, working life is subject to both national and international monitoring. The Working Life Barometer is an important source of information at the national level. Internationally, Finland’s working life is benchmarked against other European countries based on research by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions. 

Further information:

Pirkko Jukka, pirkko.jukka(at)