Invitation: Pension reforms and extending working lives: Lessons from Finland and the United Kingdom

Tiistai 10.5.2022 klo 12.00 – 15.00

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Possible to attend on location at the Finnish Centre for Pensions or participate online via Teams Tuesday May 10, 2022,12:00-15:00 (local time EET) / 11:00-14:00 CET

Working lives have extended across Europe during the past two
decades. Pension reforms have often been an important driving
force behind longer working lives and rising employment of older
workers. Yet, pension reforms can come in different forms and
sizes and various countries have chosen different reform paths to
stimulate employment and encourage later retirement.

In this seminar, we compare the pension reform pathways in
Finland and the United Kingdom during the past 25 years and
discuss the impact of these reforms on the employment of older
workers. Looking back, what can the countries learn from each
other? Looking forward, what are the prospects of older-worker
employment in both countries after the pandemic?

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You can select to attend onsite or participate online through
Teams. More practical details about participation in the seminar
will be sent by e-mail closer to the webinar.


12.00–12.15 Opening words – pension reforms and the future of work
Elina Pylkkänen, Permanent State Under-secretary, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment

12.15–12.45 Pensions reform, older workers and the post-pandemic labour market in the UK
Nick Pearce, Professor, University of Bath

12.45–13.15 Finnish pension reforms in a Nordic perspective
Olli Kangas, Professor, University of Turku

13.15–13.25 Questions and short discussion

13.25–13.40 Coffee break

13.40–14.00 Employment at the end of the working career in Finland
Anu Polvinen, Senior Researcher, Finnish Centre for Pensions

14.00–14.15 Commentary
Seija Ilmakunnas, Professor, University of Jyväskylä

14.15–14.30 Questions, discussion and closing words