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Finland is participating at World EXPO 2017 with innovative and sustainable solutions

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
6.6.2017 9.00
Press release

The World Expo in Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan, will be an exhibition of future energy solutions. Finland will take part with the theme “Finland – Sharing Pure Energy”. Today, being the greenest country in the world (The environmental performance index, EPI 2016), Finland is also a forerunner in renewable energy technology.

The Finnish pavilion is telling a story of sustainability and energy efficiency with help of more than 70 participating companies.

The theme of the Finnish Pavilion is Sharing Pure Energy. According to Commissioner General Mr. Severi Keinälä, the Finnish Pavilion at Astana Expo 2017 represents Finland as one of the leading countries in the world in the areas of sustainability, green economy, energy efficiency and ability to create innovative and sustainable cleantech solutions.

A leading Finnish designer Ateljé Sotamaa is designing both the architecture and exhibition content of the Finnish Pavilion. The pavilion will be a comprehensive work of art, where architecture and exhibition content are intricately intertwined. The overall aim of the Finnish Pavilion is to create an intuitive, emotional experience, which sparks people’s curiosity, and causes visitors to explore issues related to Finland and Pure Energy.

Finland – Sharing Pure Energy

The Finnish pavilion is telling a story of sustainability and energy efficiency. The Pavilion consists of four individual freestanding buildings: Pure Energy, Smart City, Clean Water and Excellent Education.

In the Pure Energy and Smart City buildings, the visitors will be acquainted with today’s Finnish green energy, innovations, businesses and services for the benefit of the whole society. For example, the Smart City –building is lighted with what seems an intense hot, sun light. On the floor, under a sheet of glass, there is an art installation in the form of a dump – a space full of waste. On the walls are technologies and devices that turn waste into energy, and on a digital screen is a model of smart city, where energy and material flow around in a never-ending circle.

In the Clean Water -building the audience will learn about the holistic water circle - how fresh, drinkable tap water in Finnish cities is not only a technological achievement but requires also legislative and educational solutions.

Excellent education is security for a small nation as Finland. In the modern world, a well-educated, skillful population forms the ability to create innovative solutions to a country’s success. In the Excellent Education -building the visitors will learn that for sustainable society, education is crucial - and for the Finnish education system in turn, innovations in teaching methodology and school design are important.

The Finnish Pavilion with Technology and Nature

The Pavilion delivers experiences to all senses, creating discussion about technology and the nature. Visitors are free to explore, occupy and participate in the exhibition by doing things and by leaving their mark where events will take place. It offers possibilities of delving deeper and deeper into the importance of green economy for everyone’s future.

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Further information:
Commissioner General Severi Keinälä, Finland At Astana Expo tel. +358 40 594 9944, severi.keinala(at)
Director, Communications & Marketing, Pirkko Autio, Finland at Astana Expo tel. +358 50 3967 519, pirkko.autio(at)
Ministerial Adviser Henri Backman, MEAE, tel. +358 29 506 3581

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