Areas of responsibility

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (MEAE) creates the conditions for economically, socially and ecologically sustainable growth.

MEAE is responsible for the operating environment underpinning entrepreneurship and innovation, securing the functioning of the labour market and workers’ employability, as well as for regional development. Implementation of the energy policy and integration of immigrants are also the ministry’s responsibility.

Tasks and objectives

  • Enterprises »

    The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment encourages companies to renew and pursue sustainable growth and productivity. Innovation is the most important factor in productivity growth. Legislation, funding and services enable companies to innovate and grow in the world.

  • Enterprise financing »

    The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is responsible for ensuring that domestic state financing and export financing function as well as possible, taking into account the financing needs of companies at different stages of development and national and international regulations governing business financing.

  • Working life »

    The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment will create conditions for sustainable growth. Sustainable growth is created by skilled miracles in high quality jobs and successful companies, productivity and growing labour responsibility. Well-functioning regulation, services and financing of the labour market and businesses will ensure that the work and the perpetrators meet.

  • Energy »

    The principal tasks of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment are to develop the energy markets and the security of supply, promote renewable energy and energy efficiency, and regulate nuclear energy. The Ministry’s responsibilities also include implementing emissions trading and coordinating the national preparation and implementation of climate policy.

  • Competition and consumers »

    Fair competition creates better quality services and products as well as more productive companies. The Ministry of Economic Affaris and Employment aims to strengthen trust in a functioning market and smart regulation. When promoting the functioning of the market, care must be taken to ensure that companies comply with rules that are socially important. The same must be done to ensure that the interests of consumers are taken into account.

  • Regions »

    Finland is built on vibrant regions with their own strengths. Changes in the population, cause of work and entrepreneurial activity require regions and cities to be able to renew continuously. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment supports the reform by taking into account the strengths and conditions of the regions.

  • Labour migration and integration »

    The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is responsible for the policy, legislation and administration of issues related to immigration of workers, entrepreneurs, students, researchers and trainees. The Ministry is also responsible for the general development, foresight, planning and management of integration policies, legislation and services.